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Standardized Botanical Extracts

Botanical Extract /Specification Aesculus hippocastanum Escin 20% Adhatoda vasica Vasicine 0.25% Andrographis paniculata Andrographolides 10%, 20%, 80% Asparagus racemosus Saponins 20% Bacopa monnieri Bacosides 20%, 45% Boerhavia diffusa Alkaloids 0.1% Boswellia serrate Boswellic acid 60%, 70%, 75% Bambusa […]

Podophyllum resin BP/USP

Podophyllum resin BP/USP

  Product Name:        Podophyllum Resin BP/EP Description :            Yellowish brown to brownish coloured powder with characteristic odour, bitter and acrid taste. Solubility:                 Soluble in alcohol, Insoluble in water, partially soluble in […]


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